The situation for cyclists in the UK is an embarrassment, but this is more than a crisis in funding, this is a crisis in priorities . Meanwhile, politicians make empty gestures and everyday cyclists remain more unsafe and more at risk.

Numerous articles, blogs and campaigns have done nothing; councils have made token promises and yet accomplished nothing; roads are occupied by killing machines whilst people attempting to start cycling are most at threat.

Everyday more and more people are faced with ever greater problems: Potholes, cars overtaking ‘slow’ cyclists, blind corners, cars parked in cycle lanes, wild taxis and shared lanes with massive killer buses.

Where bike paths are built, they are pointless and usually farcical; there is a clear disconnect between the people building the cycle paths and those who actually use them.

Drivers do not obey the rules of stopping at white lines  but are never charged or made an example of, instead cyclists are seen as the problem by pedestrians and drivers. Cyclists are the ones usually stopped by pointless bureaucrats intimidating and fining them.

Politicians have failed us, councils have failed us and gas guzzling MP’s and representatives never find a fault with the current system and are never taken to account.

We propose the following actions:

1) To seek legal advice and take the government to court for its neglect of the safety of its citizens and show that politicians should be accountable to the people.

2) Immediate meetings with local council members to create temporary barriers for cyclists and if not, to close down all streets that do not give cyclists full right of way.

3) In order to allow the above two propositions to take place, we support the creation of a ‘Radical Cyclists Association’ where all cyclists are to join together through modern technological means in order to work together against the failing policies of an unaccountable government.

– The Radical Cyclists Assocation

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